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Violin and Viola lessons in the Zurich region 

Sharing the joy of music making with others is one of my biggest passions. With more than 22 years of musical experience  during which I met various musicians and teachers, my rich musical palette makes my teaching a memorable experience. 

From Classical to Jazz, Pop and Balkan, from children to adults, whether amateur or professional, whether viola or violin, every style as well as every aspect of the musical development of his students is professionally handled. 

It is easy for me to find ways of enjoying learning an instrument and playing freely. My way of teaching is very supportive and puts the musical experience at the center of the lessons. It is important for me to create a feeling of security and confidence among the students. Improvising from small melodies to spontaneous accompaniments on the viola, violin or piano is very easy for me. 

Furthermore, I am one of the few available violists in the world who can properly and professionally teach Balkan Music, especially Romanian folk music. This demanding but fun musical style can no longer be a secret for those who are passionate about it. 

I am available for private lessons in the Zürich area and the neighboring cantons as well as per Skype.  

For lessons or any questions, don't hesitate to contact me here

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