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Sorin Spasinovici

Violist. Teacher. Arranger. Free-spirit musician.  

Sorin Spasinovici is a versatile musician based in Zürich, Switzerland. His love for music and continuous progress brought him to the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste where he received a Master of Arts in Music Performance Diploma and one in Music Pedagogy. He received a solid musical education in his hometown, Bucharest, Romania, at the "George Enescu" High School of Music and at the National Music University, where he fulfilled his Bachelor Degree in Music Performance. Besides performing Classical music, Sorin´s passions include teaching violin and viola, arranging musical pieces for different ensembles and performing different musical genres such as folk music and jazz.      


New music video of the freshly-founded Spasinovici von Werra Duo. Consisting of Sorin Spasinovici on viola and Seraphim von Werra on accordion, the two musicians enjoy playing a variety of music, from Classical to Balkan folk music with a focus on the traditional Romanian music. Here is a glimpse of what they can do together musically, a traditional Romanian dance called "Rustem" in a fresh and exuberant approach.

Release of the new Album FRIENDSHIP by Simon Trpceski and Linn Records featuring Simon Trpceski on piano, Gjorgi Dimchevski on violin, Sorin Spasinovici on viola, Alexander Somov on violoncello, Hidan Mamudov on clarinet and Vlatko Nushev on percussion. The album is available on all the major music streaming platforms.

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Upcoming events:



13.01.2024, 17:00 - Duo Spasinovici von Werra

Die Roma-Musik Rumäniens im 20. Jahrhundert

Sorin Spasinovici, Viola

Seraphim von Werra, Akkordeon

Reformierte Kirche,Chileweg 8474 Dinhard

20.01.2024, 20:00 - The Eastern Quartet: Klassik, Balkan, Jazz

Atanas Marinov, Klarinette

Sorin Spasinovici, Viola

Seraphim von Werra, Akkordeon

Dominik Blum, Klavier

Rex im Chesselhuus, Tumbelenstrasse 6, 8330 Pfäffikon ZH

21.01.2024, 19:00 - Dimitri Monstein Ensemble, Album release @ Moods

Vlad Pescaru, Violine

Helen Maier, Violine

Sorin Spasinovici, Bratsche

Fany Kammerlander, Cello

Andreas Kühnrich, Cello

Mischa Podstransky, Piano

Robert Pachaly, Bass

Dimitri Monstein, Schlagzeug

Moods, Schiffbauplatz, 8005 Zürich

27.01.2024, 20:00 - Eso Balic & The Eastern Quartet

From Bach to Sevdah

Eso Balic, Akkordeon und Gesang

Atanas Marinov, Klarinette

Sorin Spasinovici, Viola

Seraphim von Werra, Akkordeon

Asen Asenov, Klavier

St. Maria Theatersaal, Seetalstrasse 18, Emmen

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